Drupal7-webform package in Fedora

First of all, I would like to thank Shawn Iwinski in order to he reviewed my package. Since I created an rpm package for Fedora 20/19 and EPEL 6 from the webform module of Drupal. A few minutes ago, I submitted them so you can download them from Fedora 20/19 and EPEL 6 testing repositories. If you want to help me in testing and would give a karma, I will appreciate it. :)

Nginx and Drupal security fixes pushed for Fedora

A few days ago Nginx announced there is a security bug therefore they have been released two new versions. Further information about this security bug is here. I pushed new Nginx rpms for Fedora and EPEL after I had noticed about this security issue. They are in testing repository now, I hope it will be pushed to stable soon.

Drupal security team also announced there are new versions. I updated Drupal as well, you can get them from testing repositories.